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Various Artists - Controlled Flight

Various Artists - Controlled Flight
LabelHeadroom Productions
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Controlled Flight


01 Synaptic Noise - Desire
02 Tikal - Vektor Splice
03 Kybalion - The Magican
04 Intelabeam - Deja Moon
05 System - Braindamage
06 Burn In Noise - Open Air (Remix)
07 Thujon - Work to Work
08 Intersys - Fallen Angels
09 Mantik - The Believer

Headroom Productions is a new Lable for Electronic Trance Music, based in Munich south of Germany, which was established in the year 2002 by Mani (aka Dj ShaMane) who is playing Psytrance since 1996 all arround the Globe.

During the years Goatrance has reached so many different levels, but in spite of this big progress, Headroom Productions also whants to keep the original Psychedelic Goa Style alive.

This Cd will give you a gentle Flight thrue different styles of todays Psychedelic Trance from Progressive to Full On Melodic Trance, including Tracks of allready well known Artists and Newcomers from all arround the Globe.

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