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Various Artists - Cosmic Theatre

Various Artists - Cosmic Theatre
LabelCosmic Theatre Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Annoyingninjas - Ballerup Slaskeren
02 Ocelot - Snake Oil
03 Arahat - Pinnacle
04 Bodhisattva 13:20 - Dimension Flip
05 Zoolog - Snapse Synapse
06 Savage Scream - Blaze Wind
07 Kaiko - Climbing An Aztek Temple
08 Traskel - The Ritual
09 Zik - Completly Moronz

Welcome to the Cosmic Theatre. Have a seat in our space that can only be described by the frequencies and rhythm's that exist in this arena of the senses. The Cosmic Theatre is the place where the dwellers of the Otherworld look for entertainment. The Theatre exists for the enjoyment of many dimensions, but in ours, the humans have devised auditory and visual performances for the universe to enjoy on the same level as us. The music contained within has been tested and proven on dance floors worldwide. Each song is exclusive and will help you to trip your way through the outer regions of the psyche, joining the next level of universal community.