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Various Artists - Cosmology

Various Artists - Cosmology
LabelCosm Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Cosmology


01 Audiotope - Wellenkanister
02 Electric Sheep - The Other
03 Paraphone - Crazy Things
04 Oddsono - Fine Sequence
05 Digipack - Electronic Outlaw Underground
06 Ones'n'Zeros - Floating
07 Tomac - Multiversity
08 6th Floor - Moonstroke
09 Electric Sheep - Toxygen
10 Strawberry Fields - 50ft. Above Ground

From the continental bedrock of european psytrance - cosm records proudly presents their long awaited first various artist compilation. Entitled cosmology, it delivers ten fresh and unique tunes from diverse branches of the fractalesque psychelectric culture and blends them into a contemporary cyberdelic circus that bewitches with its deep atmosphere and creative variety. Taking you on a broomstick ride from entheogenic dancefloor stormers to lysergic breaks, psychotropic big beat and full-off tryptamine floaters - cosmology abducts the listener into the futuristic groovescapes of transformation and cosmic creativity.

Starting off with the timeless sunshine smasher "Wellenkanister" by Audiotope cosm records' first CD leads over into the acidic dimensions of Electric Sheep's "The Other". Paraphone's whirling madness of "Crazy Things" and Oddsono's deeply pounding "Fine Sequence" embellish the exhilarated cyberjourney further and transit into the psy-breaks killer "Electronic Outlaw Underground" by Digipack and into Ones'n'Zeros' liquifying psy-tech groover "Floating". After Tomac's twisted "Multiversity" the haunted and dark atmosphere of 6th Floor's "Moonstroke" gives way to the frenzy of bigbeat-monster "Toxygen" by Electric Sheep, that is bolstered in the sonic cushion of Strawberry Fields' "50ft. Above Ground".

10% of the revenue from this CD is donated to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) to support the expansion of scientific knowledge in the area of psychedelics, to culturally reintegrate their use and the states of mind they engender. MAPS is a membership-based non-profit research and educational organization founded in 1986. They assist scientists to design, obtain approval for, fund, conduct and report on research into the healing and spiritual potentials of psychedelics. their research results help us to better understand our human potential and bring the tools of science to the study of mental functioning and spirituality. For more information visit

Digipack - Electronic Outlaw Underground

"It was like entering this,..err,.. Alice in Wonderland Electronic Outlaw Underground"

"Full blown Psychedelic"

Various Artists - Cosmology: Front