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Various Artists - Crystalis

Various Artists - Crystalis
LabelCrystal Vision Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 M-Theory - Pazzia
02 Gaiatech - Stay Up
03 Slider - Twisted Sky
04 Perplex - Exacly
05 Indra - I Love My Baby
06 Luxonic - Rock This Time
07 Stereomatic - Transource
08 Plasmoon - Psychedelic Selecta
09 Polaris - Control

Dj Tommy, Crystal Vision Records leading man enter with a brand new fresh, steaming and pumping new compilation named Crystalis, it presents 9 previously unreleased dance floor tracks, tested successfully all over the world, presenting to you the current uplifting Crystal vibe. Crystalis CD is a strong and melodic release, uniting between innovative sound and top notch production from the inside out.