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Various Artists - Daily Basis 2

Various Artists - Daily Basis 2
LabelFlow Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Duca - Daily Basis Vol 2


01 C-Jay vs Citizen - Burnout
02 Ocean - Shadow of the light
03 Tim Davison - Incite
04 Piece Process - Coup de grace
05 Duca - Sampler
06 Nano Mechanic - Encounter
07 Elegant Universe & Leif Hatfield - Grizzly
08 Lob - Is it over?
09 Peter Gun - Drifting

Compiled by Dj Pena

Flow's second volume of the successful Daily Basis series, is a proof that there's some top cutting edge progressive and progressive trance around, we took a while until we managed to get this beauty complete, but our saying is, better quality than quantity. This cd is a perfect tool for the spring-summer days, starts off with lushy atmospheres, energetic grooves and a very positive vibe and slowly evolves into a deeper edge.

Its a festival must have, packed with fresh blood and wellknowed artists like Tim Davison, C-Jay and Citizen, Duca, Elegant Universe, Nano-Mechanic, Peter Gun, Ocean, Piece Process and Lob (Kasey Taylor, Pena and To Ricciardi.

Enjoy this piece of music on a Daily Basis.

Various Artists - Daily Basis 2: Front