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Various Artists - Dark Fairytale Story

Various Artists - Dark Fairytale Story
LabelKagdila Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 MMP - Goatic Moon Elf
02 Psychoz vs Rawar - Kama Sutra
03 Kanibal Holokaust - The Fairy Ring
04 Dark Elf - Reflections Of The Soul Mirror
05 SampleBugs - Dragon Valley
06 Kalilaskov As & Psyshark - Acid Circus
07 Hagenith - Spirits Of Divination
08 N.O.M. - Touch Of God
09 Digital X - Mystery School

Dark Fairytale Story is an idea of MMP Project with the help of Kagdila Records, it is a compilation of Dark nasty grooves from strong talents that work all day to make sounds that will drive u insane on the dance floor.

The idea is to see that the story of dark psy which has its own style and is a new part of our world today, so we must find the best part of the story and share these sounds to keep our spirit alive.

Its a powerfull compilation with all the best sounds u can find today.....

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