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Various Artists - Darklines

Various Artists - Darklines
Label24/7 Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Darklines


01 Burn In Noise - Cha Matte
02 Sinerider vs Morganism - Digital Plank
03 Esion - Distortion Disco
04 Digital Talk vs Compressor - Famous
05 Bliss - Out of the Chaos (Remix)
06 Materia vs Illicit - Rake Contact
07 Astartica - Paraburn
08 Orca vs Geko - The Arc
09 Loud - Warzone

The summer is over and we hope everyone had a really good one, we are opening the dark and colder season of this year with our 5th release Darklines,compiled by Riff Ruff & Materia. With the banner of friendship they have gathered tracks from all over the Psychedelic world to create another special selection for 24seven. Packed with almost all of our austrian and uk based artists Materia, Compressor, Esion, Sinerider, Astartica, Illicit and topped with Digital Talk from france, Burn in noise from Brazil and Bliss, Loud, Orca & Gecko from Israel, it is complete and ready to hit the shelfs. The compilation aims for the night but is not dark troughout, with reflections of morning and twilight it is suitable for dancefloors 24/7.

Various Artists - Darklines: Front