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Various Artists - Deep Into The Nexus

Various Artists - Deep Into The Nexus
LabelNexus Media
Typecompilation, CD

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Artifakt - Deep Into The Nexus


01 Brethren vs Outer Signal - Rock
02 Hydraglyph - Nowhere Near
03 Phyx - Evolver
04 Abomination - Pass Away (Shift Remix)
05 Twisted System - Mad Method (Live Version)
06 Slug vs Abomination - Where Is Magneto
07 Shift - Pump
08 Pitch Hikers - Counter Culture
09 Artifakt - Gravity Spine (Pt 1)
10 Artifakt - Gravity Spine (Pt 2)

Journey deep into the NeXuS on this voyage of sonic pleasures.

A surreal landscape of pulsing beats and scything leads, drenched in mood, texture, and colour. All part of one interconnected network. A Nexus. Experience the power that drives the core of this infernal machine, and ride this energy right back to the very source.

10 pure gems, from the NeXus core.

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