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Various Artists - Deep Mental Trauma - Part 2: Uses & Abuses

Various Artists - Deep Mental Trauma - Part 2: Uses & Abuses
LabelNabi Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Infect Insect - Remetenia
02 Acid Goblins - Kuguk
03 Catatonic Despair - Introspective Nightmare
04 Celsung - Bridge Of Thread
05 Noise Gust - Warper
06 Catatonic Despair - Liquid Umbra
07 Baphomet Engine - Digital Flight
08 Catatonic Despair - Futility Of Prayer
09 Wooden Monsters - Chopotage
10 Infect Insect - No Xaos

With this new release Nabi Records are celebrating madness and insanity. DMT2 sets the flavour for heavy psychedelic night music. Redefining the true essence of night psytrance Uses and Abuses investigates the limits of the unknown and awakens deep and traumatic feelings. Design for anyone that wishes to push its experimentation further. Each project on this compilation gave its best for an ultimate trip: Yours!

As for all Nabi recs. previous releases they had a lot of pleasure and fun putting together a track list that tells a story from the first to the last track. Hoping you will enjoy this very special journey on the edge of madness. Deeper and harder; that's the way they like it! Following DMT part 1: The First gram they are taking their journey into psychedelia one level higher. With no compromise DMT part 2 goes through the Uses and Abuses with no limits, but your own ones. Mastering: Préférence Mastering / Cover Art: Loops Design

Various Artists - Deep Mental Trauma - Part 2: Uses & Abuses: Front