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Various Artists - Denial and Error

Various Artists - Denial and Error
LabelLast Possible Solution
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Denial And Error


01 N.R.S - Mind Controlled People
02 Serious Porn Collector - Suspected Device
03 Icebreaker - Blue Ice
04 Bolt vs Alliance Of Calgon - Dum Nation
05 N.R.S vs Tenzing - Blank Remix
06 R.A.M. - Ram Jam
07 Registered User - Licensed Liars
08 N.R.S - Dark Deeds
09 N.R.S - Vengeance

The much anticipated 5th release from LPS.

Features some of the freshest and most innovative electronic music to come out of the UK.

Tracks by much respected artists such as NRS, RAM, Tenzing, SPC and new acts such as Bolt and Alliance OF Calgon and many others, who due to legal reasons are unable to reveal their true identities.

This album just demands to be played at high volume and contains 9 of the freshest dance floor tracks available making this one of the genre defining releases so far this century.