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Various Artists - Desert Encounters

Various Artists - Desert Encounters
LabelMass Abduction Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Megalopsy - After Abstract
02 Chromatone & Ocelot - Dispensin Dispersion
03 The Crazy Lions Cult - Age Of Rave
04 Hyper Frequencies - Underworld
05 Neuromotor - Funk It
06 Damage - Mind Of A Lunatic
07 Audiopathik & Plankton - Chainsaw Massacre
08 Cosmo & Naked Tourist - Lets Go Mad
09 Audiopathik - Flesh

Dedicated to electronic music and the proliferation of psy-trance around the world.

Mass Abduction Records was created for the purpose of fulfilling a dream and to spread that dream to others through high quality psychedelic trance. Born in Tucson, Az USA, the label is proud to promote its artists as well as other artists that have made a change in electronic music and share the same vision. We dedicate this label to our most loved and to all our abductees and souls to be abducted.

Now straight from the Arizona Sonoran Desert, Mass Abduction Records is proud to release its first compilation 'Desert Encounters'. A combination of cultures abducted and united to produce this psychedelic trance project with a series of track encounters that represent innovative rythems and sounds from some of the best artist and new talents in the scene. With cutting edge technology and the mind blowing ideas from these dedicated musicians, this year, be prepared to be abducted and blasted with this high energy compilation of tracks.