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Various Artists - Desperados Revolution

Various Artists - Desperados Revolution
LabelWorld People
Typecompilation, CD


01 Electrypnose - Digital Mexican Imported
02 Organic Hybrid - Tequila Slammer
03 EVP - Speedy Slow Poke
04 Cross Mod - TeKillah!
05 Mons - Cucarasta
06 Fungus Funk - Xochipilli Dance
07 B55 - Liberacion
08 Entropy - Los Desperados
09 Synthetik Chaos - Veneno Mental Remix by Electrypnose
10 Anunakey - Maxicano Parano

After the first release "PIRATES REVOLUTION" an underground & unreleased home made compilation and the success of "SPACE PIRATES REVOLUTION" released by Bom Shanka Music, Wolrd People proudly returns with its first own release: DESPERADOS REVOLUTION.

DESPERADOS REVOLUTION is a selection of ten artists of the World People festival who made a special track on the event's theme which was this year the Mexicans with sample,fx,voice. Played at the gathering for the first time it wil give you a souvenir of your time blasting on the dance floor! An acid- psychedelic pure juice of ten artists well pressed to get from them the more twisted mind vision of the DESPERADOS.. The music shown here is a very representative sample of the atmosphere you can feel in the World People festival.

Compiled yet again by DJ Toto, DESPERADOS REVOLUTION is an international selection of tracks by gifted artists from France, Switzerland, the U.K., Japan, Russia, Israel, Belgium and the U.S.A. It's a mix between new talents from the WP crew like Mons, Annunakey, confirmed artists like Electrypnose, Entropy, EVP, B55, Organic hybrid, a new project of Chromatone & Random: Cross Mode,and a good remix of Synth√ątik Chaos. Also as is the custom in WP compilations an Introduction of a prog electro track,followed by morning stuff and building to a crescendo. As always, it makes a nice story to listen at home andusable to rock the dance floor of any party for DJs around the globe!.

A guaranteed psytrance compilation with a crunky touch of Mexican vibration!!!!

Compiled by DJ TOTO, Mastered by CHROMATONE, Artwork by AJJA

Various Artists - Desperados Revolution: Front