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Various Artists - Die Praxis

Various Artists - Die Praxis
LabelEvil Knivel Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Fm - Magic Summer
02 Soulshakaz - Let Me Be
03 Psysonicx - Fly With Me
04 Klopfgeister - Zathuration
05 Phyler - No End
06 Fm & Planet B.E.N. - Time Table
07 Delicious vs Moontales - Stopin My Mind
08 Complexx - Fiechers
09 Kularis - Labspressure

Evil Knivel Records is very proudly to announce their second compilation called "V/A - Die Praxis" compiled by Dr. Changra. With this compilation of pure grooving progressive trance he wants to bring a smile to your face. It is made for pure joy and for every progressive music lover in the world.

Klopfgeister - Zathuration

Walter, check this out!!!

From 'Zathura'

Various Artists - Die Praxis: Front
Various Artists - Die Praxis: Back
Various Artists - Die Praxis: Back 2
Various Artists - Die Praxis: Inside
Various Artists - Die Praxis: Inside 2