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Various Artists - Digital Alchemy

LabelConcept in Dance Records
Typecompilation, vinyl

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Various Artists - Digital Alchemy


01 Man With No Name - Voices
02 Voodoo People - Syn System
03 Ayahuasca - Ayahuascan Chant
04 Man With No Name - Deliverance
05 Ayahuasca - Heliotropic Twist
06 Us - Storm
07 Man With No Name - The Far Side
08 Ayahuasca - Psychopharm
09 Man With No Name - Sugar Rush
10 Man With No Name - Evolution
11 Voodoo People - Co-Incidence
12 Ayahuasca - Propella

Man With No Name - Voices

'I've never felt anything like it, it was as though they were calling to me!'

From episode of 'Star Trek - The Next Generations' (S05E15)

Star Trek - The Next Generation

Voodoo People - Syn System

'Your either in possession of a new human ability, or a very old one.'