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Various Artists - Digital Decadence

Various Artists - Digital Decadence
LabelOrganik Media
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Digital Decadence (Organik Media)


01 On - Darts And Daggers
02 Slug - One Generation
03 Parana - Trancemission
04 Slug - Encoded (On Remix)
05 Cybernetix - Quicksilver
06 Tickets - Deficit Disorder - Remix
07 Cybernetix - Foundation (Parana Remix)
08 Multistate - Wind Up (Brethren Remix)
09 Biorhythm - Oxide

This first compilation release from Organik Media is a collection of tracks that have been rocking Organik parties over the last South African Psytrance season.

Beginning with an intricately melodic sound and ending off with a darker sound, this breakout album makes the journey from morning to night seem almost effortless.

All tracks have a distinct, high quality, South African edge to them and have been proven on dancefloors across the country. With tracks by respected artists Slug, Brethren, Tickets, Parana, Cybernetix, On and Biorythym ensures that this release will be on the top of your playlist for a long time to come!

Various Artists - Digital Decadence: Front