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Various Artists - Digital.Music.Therapy

Various Artists - Digital.Music.Therapy
LabelWildthings Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Hoodwink - Digital Music Therapy


01 Hoodwink - Kaput
02 Hoodwink - Dark Energy Remix
03 Archaic - Lost Tribe
04 Avalon - Never Enough
05 EVP - Monkey Magik
06 Error Corrective - Olabotomy (Surgeons Remix)
07 Psymmetrix - Real Fuckin High
08 Archaic - Annaconta
09 EVP - R2LSD2
10 Module - Loonavercity

This compilation is a show case release pulling together Wildthings Artists and friends into a compilation of full spectrum psychedelic dance music, from the more minimal, into the more grooving, into the full on and into the harder edged style of psychedelia. This is the continual drive that Wildthings wants to release to the dance music lovers out there, rather than being typecast into one particular area of sound, therefore keeping its originality and freshness in each release, whilst pushing forward their artists to play at parties and events worldwide.
Wildthings Records specializes in the ever increasingly popular sound, which is emulating from within the U.K psychedelic dance music scene. Wildthings artists and DJ's are travelling around the country promoting and DJ'ing the music on a continual basis, and the artists are getting to be booked globally and spreading the Wildthings vibe and sound to other countries and people worldwide. The music is kept original and fresh and it has achieved a great response by revellers globally. Wildthings is an organisation that is being recognised for its quality in production and high standard of music within the U.K. and promotes all releases through hosting full psychedelic label launch parties within London and organising their artists to play at as many gigs as possible, large or small. The music has been tried and tested on dance floors and has had fantastic results!!
Wildthings concentrates on maintaining the highest level of audio quality and the finest standard of presentation in any of our musical projects.

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