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Various Artists - Distinctions

Various Artists - Distinctions
LabelImport Exploit Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Psilogos - Dn2d
02 Acid Goblins - Rejuvenation
03 Tas - Lord Of Darkness
04 Gorump Peyya - Ki Ka Kot Muk
05 Enichkin - Mind Tears
06 Cognitive Dysfunction - Fuck U Peace
07 Arhyperziiman - Fuckin Very Killa
08 Infect Insect - Tattwa
09 Ezotera - Bottemless Pit

Import Exploit Records is a label of Gorump Peyya and idmercial. Commited to releasing fresh sounds and styles, Import Exploit aims to ellaborate on previously untouched characteristics and techniques.
Distinctions is the first release of Import Exploit Records, featuring tracks all in their own unique manner. Each track is picked according to its originality, elaborate structuring, profuse contrast, and general eerieness. This compilation is filled with mind wrenching tracks with previously unreleased styles and personal sounds.

Various Artists - Distinctions: Front