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Various Artists - Divine Inventions

Various Artists - Divine Inventions
LabelLiquid Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Tron - Amasonic
02 Mr Peculiar - Alternative Portal
03 Telepathik - Anomaly
04 Mood Deluxe - Stealthy Fungus
05 Sketchy Pimps - The Hund
06 Fractal Glider - Snaggletooth
07 Beatnik - Worldly Transformations
08 Flip Flop - Evangeline
09 Fromem Ory - Backwoods

It's finally here, the long awaiting fresh new trance compilation from Liquid Records, by far one of the most exciting labels the UK has to offer. This is album assembles a diverse range of trance music, nothing but the best freshly baked musical nutritional elements inside! Compiled by DJ Liquid Ross, this collection serves those mystic hours of twilight hanging somewhere between the night and light, embracing them both in perfect union for the dusty dance floors. This is the new soundtrack to the modern trance sound. Each track is constantly thumping and never a dull moment. It's clever, clean, abstract and beautiful. With trance veterans along side the hottest new artists of the now, this all makes sense and one hell of an album.

Various Artists - Divine Inventions: Front