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Various Artists - Durdom

Various Artists - Durdom
LabelDevil's Mind Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Durdom


01 Paranoize - Incoming Trancemision
02 Melorix - Welcome To Hell
03 Audiopathik - Corrosive Material
04 Fearkiller - Nonexistence
05 Kiriyama - Feuerschutz
06 Phazy Mulator - Panikula
07 Danse Macabre - Glombakkadoffdish
08 Polyphonia - Freakadell
09 Jelly vs Mind Distortion System - Dr Givazoo
10 Total - Mr Fingers

This second combo contains tracks gathered by our very own Dennis The Menace, and in true Devil's Mind spirit we bring you more new names to the scene and we're also hooking you up with some names that are already known from our roster.

This drilling set will nibble at your mind, mentally dabble your head and making you dribble eagerly wanting to know the secret of the Durdom. By covering music from Israel, Belgium, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, Hungary, Norway, Netherlands and France we're continuing on our familytrail of nightmusic. The Devils Mind concept imbues this release as well by once again pressing it in a limited edition only, making the kitchen of the Durdom ready to serve with 500 doses.

Durdom is russian, but what it truly means when we're connecting this to our family is for you to find out

Total - Mr Fingers

"In the trance dance experience hopefully people become more sensitive and aware of themselves, their surroundings, the crossroads of humanity and the needs of the planet, with that awareness comes understanding any compassion, that is the need of the our and true goa spirit."

Various Artists - Durdom: Front
Various Artists - Durdom: Back
Various Artists - Durdom: Back 2
Various Artists - Durdom: Inside
Various Artists - Durdom: Inside 2
Various Artists - Durdom: Inside 3
Various Artists - Durdom: Extra