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Various Artists - Earth Energy - Resolution

Various Artists - Earth Energy - Resolution
LabelSonic Traveler Music
Typecompilation, CD

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InterSys - Earth Energy - Resolution


01 01-N - Vishuddhi Chakra
02 Intersys - Unnoted Game
03 Hydraglyph - Kinetic
04 Optokoppler - Space Travel
05 Chromatone - Kiiilleerr Dose
06 Purepressure - Broaden Our Mind
07 Intersys - Unnatural Movements
08 Jikkenteki - I.S.B Pt.1 (Mecha-Monkey vs Robo-Frog)
09 Random - Cat's Eye

Earth Energy: Resolution CD was made as a tribute to the Earth Energy Festivals held in the beautiful forests of Yamanashi, Japan in 2006.The artists on this CD came from all over the world to perform their music in Japan and create that special vibe.We hope this CD will bring back beautiful memories for those who participated and inspire others to dream amazing dreams.The musical journey begins with "Vishuddhi Chakra", a deep haunting ambient goa track from 01-N (Japan). Other highlights are two powerful and emotional tracks from Intersys (Israel). "Kinetic" by Hydraglyph (Sth. Africa) is destined to be a future classic with its sharp driving kick and basslines fused with spiritual vocals to create an original sound. "Space Travel" by Optokoppler (Germany) is a beautifully crafted melodic full-on track. Contrasted to this is the high energy track "Kiiilleerr Dose" by Chromatone (USA). All in all, Earth Energy: Resolution is a CD that will make you FEEL MUSIC and ACTIVATE IMAGINATION!!!We hope the Spirit Energy of the Earth will bind us all together to create a new and wonderful future.

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