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Various Artists - Earthquake

Various Artists - Earthquake
LabelPsy-Core Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Crystal Sound vs Digital Tribe - Existence
02 Toxical - Run The ChukRun
03 Slider vs 2Mind - Fuck Around
04 Ananda Shake - Round Trip (Electro Vision Remix)
05 Didrapest vs Indra - Beatpest
06 Gataka - From Zero to Hero (Jano Remix)
07 Phobia - Out Of Sight
08 Bubble - If I Could B U (Shake Remix)
09 Analyzer - Flash
10 Sundose - Melancodelic

01 Digital Tribe - Feel The Vibe (Miditec Remix)
02 Evoice vs Aquila - Speed of light
03 Safi Connection & Jaws Underground - Battlefield
04 Electro Vision - Stage Davin
05 Uriya - Dragon Dogi
06 Mind Controller vs BPM vs Echoactive - Morning Glory
07 Crystal Sound vs Optical Vision - Digital Emotion
08 Psycho Punk - Cover My Tears
09 Attik - Future Ligth
10 Bounce - Six Minutes To Transform

EARTHQUAKE is the new Various Artists 2CD, compiled by Digital Tribe.

This double CD is a dance floor breaker. Shlomi aka Digital Tribe gives us nothing but the finest of the Modern Psychedelic Trance, 20 previously unreleased tunes from well known producers worldwide as well as promising psy talents. EARTHQUAKE takes us to a pure psychedelic ride, mixture of bass lines, fat rolling punchy intelligent melodies, mind blowing breaks, deep atmospheres, groovy beats, state of the art sound effects and loads more.

EARTHQUAKE gives us an Arsenal of a worldwide talented artists such as : Digital Tribe , Safi Connection, Jaws Underground, Toxical, Slider, 2Mind, Ananda Shake, Gataka, Didrapest, Indra, Psycho Punk, Electro Vision, Crystal Sound, Phobia, Bubble, Shake, Analyzer, Sundose, Miditec, Evoice, Aquila, Uriya, Mind Controller, BPM, Echoactive, Optical Vision, Bounce and Attik.

Caution! Continuous listening can be addicting.

Various Artists - Earthquake: Front