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Various Artists - Ease Division 3

Various Artists - Ease Division 3
LabelSpiral Trax
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Ease Division 3


01 James Murray - Last Man In The World (Instrumental)
02 Amos - Street Lights
03 I Awake - Life Cipher
04 Carbon Based Lifeforms - Endospore
05 Solar Fields - Feelings
06 Vibrasphere feat. Irina Mikhailova - Meander
07 Xerxes - Early Morning Crystals
08 Illuminus - Dem Cowboys
09 Chromosome - Evens Heaven
10 Blue Planet Corporation - A Foret (E)St Of Paradise
11 Kritical Audio - Yellow Blend

We have now arrived to the third chapter in our successful downbeat and chill-out series...

Eleven exquisite tunes selected by swedish electronic music composer Magnus Birgersson, more known as Solar Fields. His first album 'Reflective Frequencies' was released 2001 on french label Ultimae. Today Magnus has released five full length albums and is a well established name in the ambient music scene.

First out is James Murray from London, UK with 'Last man in the World'. James is working as a freelance composer, producer and sound designer and is currently finishing his debut album which will be released on Ultimae. Second is newcomer Amos from Uppsala, Sweden, presenting his jazzy ambient track 'Street Lights'. Swedish producer I Awake is next with his wonderful 'Life Cipher', followed by Gothenburg duo Carbon Based Lifeforms 'Endospore', a dreamlike, euphoric track.

Tune number five is no other than Solar Fields himself giving us 'Feelings', a extraordinary piece of music craftmanship. Next up is Vibrasphere, here teamed up with american singer Irina Mikhailova. Their track 'Meander' is a true masterpiece of chilled music.

Continuing the musical journey, norway producer Xerxes gives us his 'Early Morning Crystals', a more groovy, hypnotic number straight from the norwegian fiords. The following tune is from Dennis Tapper, more known as Hux Flux. Together with former Ibojima-member Magnus Holte they have formed the project Illuminus. Here they present their psychedelic dub soundscape 'Dem Cowboys'.

Chromosome continues the psychedelic surges with the melodic 'Evens Heaven', followed by the trance veteran Blue Planet Corporation with his magnificent, funky 'A Foret(e)st Of Paradise'. Closing the collection is no other than Robert Elster from Vibrasphere and technoproducer Martin Skogehall as the duo Kritical Audio. 'Yellow Blend' is a brilliant, rythmic piece with a catchy 303 bassline.

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