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Various Artists - Ecliptic

Various Artists - Ecliptic
LabelMatsuri Productions
Typecompilation, CD


01 Conrad Schnitzler - Electric Garden
02 Mantra - Material (Praying Mantra Mix)
03 Visible Sound - Shapeshifter
04 System 7 - Don Corleone
05 Headlamp Anti - Body
06 Melrob - Incessant Sound
07 Massimo Vivona - Contrast
08 Sonic Fusion - Tribal Warrior
09 Joujouka - Re-Psychle Frequency (Original Mix)

Visible Sound - Shapeshifter

'Right about here, we stopped long. And we looked up in the sky and we couldn't believe what we saw.'

'It just looked like five beams of, of energy.'

'(...) is real. Visionary experience is unique as every human being is unique.'

'(...) my mind. It seems to turn in circles that get tighter and tighter, as my thoughts swing upward and inward as I reach into what might as well be upward as downward. As I think in endless chain reactions.'

'We might be able to travel from one place to the other in the galaxy without covering any major distance by plunging into a black hole.'

Various Artists - Ecliptic: Front
Various Artists - Ecliptic: Back
Various Artists - Ecliptic: Back 2
Various Artists - Ecliptic: Inside
Various Artists - Ecliptic: Inside 2