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Various Artists - Edge

Various Artists - Edge
LabelNexus Media
Typecompilation, CD


01 Slug - How High
02 Perplex vs Shift - Retrobution
03 Pitch Hikers - Give The Order
04 Abomination vs Slug - Bleed
05 Shift - Dead Meat
06 Painkiller vs Bliss - Ragga Time
07 Multistate - Spoil
08 Manifold - Faces
09 Brethren - More Power

Move closer to the edge with 9 new psychedelic dance epics from Nexus Media.

Compiled by Slug, "Edge" features huge, pumping grooves and very solid production from a combination of trusted Nexus artists and some talented international collaborators.

The release offers a great fusion of modern trance styles from the searing triplet madness of Slug's "How High" all the way through to the dark melodic waves of Brethren's "More Power". Shift is on top form with an epic stomper of a track, while the glitchy techno drive of Multistate's "Spoil" and great remix work by Russian duo Manifold adds a sting in the tail.

The compilation also features a unique combination of Painkiller (aka Inner Action) together with Bliss, and a classy touch added by Perplex, who worked with Shift to create the awesome "Retrobution". Rising Israeli stars Abomination feature together with Slug on "Bleed", while Pitch Hikers are true to form with shifting walls of sound perfect for the twilight hours.

Modern psytrance is evolving at a rapid pace, so take a step closer, and peer over the edge with another quality release from Nexus Media.

Various Artists - Edge: Front