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Various Artists - Electro Therapy

Various Artists - Electro Therapy
LabelElectrik Dream
Typecompilation, CD

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KLIMENT - Electro Therapy


01 D-Sens - So Many
02 Chanal & Villuis - October - Extended Edit
03 Outer Bass - I Beat Sync O
04 Aes Dana - Manifold - Ground Edit
05 Taj' C Quence - Neurology
06 Kliment - Illuminate
07 Aerophobia - Lucid dreams II
08 Liftshift - Change Consicousness
09 Kliment - Neano

Electrik Dream Records presents:
Electro Therapy: The first Electro Prog Trance Project.

After 4 release in Ambient Downtempo Electric dream is compiling some nice progressive trance with a touch of electro inside.This project start at 125 bpm and will drive you until morning trance at 139 bpm.A true musical journey still dancefloor.Enjoy the ride !!!

This compilation starts with a surprising Electro Progressive Rock track made by our friend Mat from D sens. I like to say a bit of Trainspotting vibes in his way of soundscapeing this track.
Then to push on the floor with a fat grooves tunes rise from a collaboration beween V.Villuis aka Aes dana & L.Chanal !!! L Chanal is a promessing dj from Ultimae record. On this track voices were delected by Noémi Hauduroy. Watch out Outer bass new project between two 100% confirmed artist from psychedlik world. I'm speaking about Celli from Earthling and L.Hoffman aka Chromatone or Morphonix like you prefered.The electro bass of this track is just amazing and will rock all the dancefloor Followed by Aes dana who poduce a nice electro morning trance plus some celestial voices by Noémi Hauduroy.

We have the pleasure to announce you that next track is again a collaboration that will be followed by an album in 2008/2009.Tajmahal and Zero Sequence from Portugal did create a project named Taj C Quence Get ready with this track to fly bewteeen crazy drums, beautifulll pads ,talking with acid babyes !!!Followed by Kliment powerfull uplifting trance for hippy shit lovers.Then our friend Aerophobia now we are getting inside the roots of trance morning musik with some beautifull tribal rhythm and hypnotic style to put all the dancefloor in trance.Las t but not least is a track from Liftshift from Amsterdam will drive us into morning trance musik,excellent track

Final explosion come back to Kliment from Sofia ,its all about vibration in this track ,hypnotic, talentuous melodyes and nice message.

Hope you did enjoyed our first Electro Progressive Trance journey.

Tuning up the individual spirit also tunes up the universe.

Various Artists - Electro Therapy: Front