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Various Artists - Elemental Psyche

Various Artists - Elemental Psyche
LabelFree Radical Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Elemental Psyche


01 Yab-yum - Computer Says No
02 Paranoize - K.B.N.
03 Illegal Machines vs Suria - No Survivors
04 Bombax vs Electrypnose - 28
05 Dirty Saafi - Under The Influence
06 Darknoizz - R.O.A.L.
07 Highko - Sonic Bombardment
08 Terranoise - Alien Mental Facility
09 Cosmo - New Behaviour

Free Radical Records second release Elemental Psyche is a compilation consisting of a variety of intelligent highly addictive kick ass underground psychedelia from all parts of the planet Compiled by Satchel from artists - yab yum , paranoize ,illegal machines vs suria , bombax vs electrypnose, dirty saafi, darknoiZz, highko, terranoise and cosmo to make up a a variation of trax ranging from 146 bpm to 160 bpm all the trax are full power blasters with hardly any dull moments regardless of the speed .elemental psyche presents a mixture of intelligent ass kicking tunes which move dancefloors all over the planet..

Various Artists - Elemental Psyche: Front