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Various Artists - Endangered Species

Various Artists - Endangered Species
LabelNoize Conspiracy
Typecompilation, CD


01 Void - Burn
02 Menog - Men Are Monsters
03 Toxic - Perfect Crime
04 Claw In Noize - Conspiracy Files
05 Psychotic Micro - Loosing It
06 Delysid - Zero Gravity
07 Shift - Cerebral Cortex (Remix)
08 Psychotic Demon - Voisses Conspiracy
09 Neuromotor vs Electrocult - Robotic Syndrom

Endangered Species: An endangered species is a population of organisms (usually a taxonomic species),which is either so few in number or threatened by changing environmental or predation parameters that it is at risk of becoming extinct. Noise Conspiracy the new established label in Cyprus after its remarkable first two releases hosting the split album of winter deamon and seroxat on combat debut album and the thundering compilation featuring the whole Greek psy trance posse are back again with another strong release that will cause mayhems among the people.A unique compilation featuring exclusive tracks from first class and worldwide famous producers such as MENOG , TOXIC , VOID , PSYCHOTIC MICRO , NEUROMOTOR ,SHIFT and some unique cooperations such as PSYCHOTIC MICRO and WINTER DEAMON guarantee that the result is more than SUPERBDelicately selected tracks, to break the time barrier between day and night and to bring more magic to the twilight hour dance floor.For our 3rd release we searched in Israel, Portugal, Cyprus, Mexico, South Africa and France in order to gather 9 unique and razor sharp tracks delicately selected to bring more magic to the twilight hour dancefloors!! View for Underground Psychedelic Music... The 9 tracks, are inspired by the real meaning of underground Night Trance! Composed and produced by crazy - headz for crazy - mindz. This compilation guarantees to catch the breath of the listener. Fast , driving and kicking!! This compilation is hyper energetic dance floor material, mastered by Tim Schultd at 4 channels studios in Germany and ranging between 144-148 BPM it will transport you to a festival dance floor feeling for the rest of the ride.