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Various Artists - Enigmatic World Israel

Various Artists - Enigmatic World Israel
LabelEnigmatic Sound Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Holymen - En Od Milvado
02 System Failure vs Holymen vs Didrapest - Full Power
03 Melicia - Sea Master (Didrapest Remix)
04 Indra - Speed
05 Optical Noise vs Electra - S.E.X.T.C. (Mixed Emotions vs Didrapest Remix)
06 Trauma - Revalotion (Indra Remix)
07 Miditec vs Cosmic Station - Infinite Dreams
08 Genetic Syndrome - Nesh
09 Voice Over - Music Is

Compiled by Holymen and Didrapest.

The second of the Enigmatic World series!

Enigmatic World Israel of the new sound that is famous this time from sacred place Israel of a trance, famous and fresh and then powerful is completion at last!

The all new sound that all tracks were made to be able to hold it for this compilation!

Track 1, Holymen with sample track from his coming album! Track 2, Melicia is high quality artist that track! Remix of Didrapest is a sample track for an album on his next time, too! Indra of track 4 is fresh new artist, too. He is the artist who is famous by heaping up a dance floor! Track 5 is an attention artist required, too! Track 6, Trauma-Revalotion of Indra remix! The attention artist that Miditec of track 7 releases an album in Japan! Miditec also half of the duo Beat hackers, Track 8 are recommended by the fresh sound and great! Voice Over of track 9 is satisfaction 5 of release than knowing Phonokol, A track is an artist in season releasing! The checks the cool and exciting compilation that gathered artists of season! The checks Enigmatic World Israel that recommended fresh new sound was jam-packed in this fall. It is attention required in jostling such as Sweden, Brazil from the next time!

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