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Various Artists - Enigmatic world Mexico

Various Artists - Enigmatic world Mexico
LabelEnigmatic Sound Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Astral Theorem - Enigmatic
02 Zylent - Take A Pill
03 Dr. Hoffman - System Sickness
04 Ergot - Sacred Geometry (Total Sickness Remix)
05 Anti Gravity - Urban Style
06 TNT - Universe Funk
07 Lamat vs Total Sickness - Time Travel
08 Total Sickness - The Flight Of The Green Hornet
09 System Brothers vs JP - Grow Up
10 Holy Men - The Last Universe (End All Remix)

Psychedelic sound in season the Mexican trance special feature.

Mexican large attention artist 'Dr.Hoffman' and Holymen made this 'Enigmatic World Mexico' compilation now!

Mexico attracts attention as hottest scene now in the world. The sound that is new Cool this compilation finished for a project of one year seems to symbolize the present times is spirited compilation clogged up!

System Brothers (From Brazil) of track 9, Holymen (big hit The Last Universe of Holymen) of truck 10 are bonus tracks. It is happy and Strong Fullon Mexican psychedelic sound! A check required! Israel, European... and compilation of the World Series to continue will be checks required in the Enigmatic World Series in future!

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