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Various Artists - Eruption

Various Artists - Eruption
LabelNoya Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Sub 6 - Down n' Out (2008 Remix)
02 E-jekt - Big Brother
03 PTX - Terra Soul
04 Magnetica - The Jedi (Xerox )
05 Xerox & Illumination - Assimilation of reality (DNA Remix)
06 Slider - Beat the base
07 Mad Max - 1.2.3
08 Techtonic - Gin n' Tonic
09 Loud - Beautiful Day (Remix)

Compiled by Xerox

Noya Records is a new Israeli Electronic label founded by Xerox (aka Moshe Keinan), one of the veteran producers of psychedelic trance and a respected musician world wide.

The Noya family includes new promising artists and well known musicians from Israel.

New sounds of old school GOA beats fused in a modern way of psychedelic interpretation shoots out 'Eruption'!

Noya's debut compilation (hand picked by Xerox) is cool as a spring weather report for 2008 featuring the new upcoming artists along side the more famous, who gladly support this label and its 'godfather'.

Various Artists - Eruption: Front