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Various Artists - Extraterrestrial Comics

Various Artists - Extraterrestrial Comics
LabelMass Abduction Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Bombax - The Ugly Stepsister
02 Energy Loop & Ankur - Pepper Mint
03 Terranoise & Ankur - Die Hippie, Die
04 Clockstoppers & Mr. Pitt - Nothing Happens When...
05 Ankur - Freak Flag
06 Megalopsy & Ankur - Its Ok
07 Highko - Sequence Start
08 Terranoise - Hydra
09 Adrenal Glands & Audiopathik - A La Verga
10 Audiopathik - I See Fingers

It seems like just yesterday when it all began for MassAbduction and here they are on their third release featuring a compilation of scrambled rhythms and groovy patterns with fast strong beats that will bang your head. A series of experiments that will lead you on a trip into the search of new specimens that will bend sounds beyond your imaginations

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