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Various Artists - Fantasia

Various Artists - Fantasia
LabelHadra Records
Typecompilation, CD

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01 Barak vs Shove - Take Out Your Brain
02 Shilum Bamba - Skeleton Kiss
03 Rastaliens - Dirty Pigs
04 Painkiller - Transparent Objects
05 Electro Nation - TB Land
06 Atomic Pulse - Low Frequency
07 Spinal Chord vs Switch - Stop Playing
08 Sine Die - Inside Feeling
09 Alien Project - Stereo Bianco

Five years ago Hadra was born to organise parties and promote psytrance in France. Now after 4 parties per year, a festival (one of the biggest in France) and 4 compilations released since 2 years, Hadra is releasing its latest compilation, Fantasia by Dj Driss. He prepared a new musical journey symbolising the folkloric and magical moments of a "Fantasia".

Fantasia is a ceremony during which, horsemen perform exceptional stunts. They all fire their "moukhala" (ancient firearm) in synchronisation while riding their horses at full gallop. The sounds, costumes and dust generated by this ceremony produce an impressive atmosphereThis very specific atmosphere inspired DJ Driss to translate the associated sensations in his compilation and transport them to the dancefloors.
The selected artists all collaborated to the creation of this psychedelic Fantasia.

The Atomic Pulse and Alien Project participated to the mission by creating two tracks allowing the perfect synchronisation of the trancers' movements.

It includes too Rastaliens from Germany with their highly recognisable full power style and the Israeli Painkiller, also member of the project Inner Action, whose vigorous track brings a new energy to the dancefloor.

This release also gives us the opportunity to discover newcomers from Israel who already proved their talents on the Japanese scene. This is the case of Electro Nation, Spinal Cord and Switch, all producing a music characterised by alluring melodies layered on top of deep rolling bass lines.

As always, the artists from Hadra add up their latest production to the treasure : Sine Die came up with a beautiful dynamic track. The Mexicans DJ Shove and Barak collaborated on a track. Shilum Bamba, one of the first producers from Grenoble produced a track which demarks itself through its authenticity and originality.

Various Artists - Fantasia: Front