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Various Artists - Fantazma

Various Artists - Fantazma
LabelSentimony Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Fantazma


01 Harax - Dreamy
02 Sphingida - After This
03 Solcast - Chinese Pineapple
04 Zymosis - Alien Creation
05 Heinali - Endless
06 Harax - Clepsydra
07 Zymosis - Sound Of Magic
08 Frans Gosu - Morbit
09 Solcast - Cheiook
10 Ader Project - Serotonin
11 Sphingida - Outside

'Fantazma' is the debut release of a new psychedelic experimental label based in Kiev, Ukraine.

Eleven previously unreleased tracks, ranging from deep ambient to psychedelic idm and more up-tempo chill out music. All tracks produced in Ukraine.

Sentimony - is magical rabbit which guide you to the wonderful world of fantazma...