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Various Artists - Far East Technology

Various Artists - Far East Technology
LabelElf Music
Typecompilation, CD


01 Kuromitsu - Beatiful Moon Rise
02 Future Sonic - Black Sky
03 Macotrax - Toluene
04 Tri-Force - Place Of Dawn
05 DrapDrop - The Clone Who Is Freakin'out
06 Ten-G - Butterfly
07 Savage Scream - Underground Shiva
08 Paradigm Shifter - Dupe On Mad
09 11 vs Symphonics - Space Criminal

In 2004, a compilation hit the confused trance scene called "AFTER 10 YEARS OF JAPANESE TRANCE", it was compiled to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Japanese Trance birth. As its title, the album, by only Japanese artists, created a big stir in the scene which has been leading by foreign artists. The compilation is full of high quality tracks, got high reputations from a lot of foreign media. As the World knows Japanese high skills in the technology field, Japanese trance artists manipulated computers and proved their talents to the World. Only 10 years since then, but fruitful decade. Japanese trance is still evolving

In 2006, two years have passed since the compilation "AFTER 10 YEARS OF JAPANESE TRANCE" was released, trance scene in Japan has developed and now Japan is known as one of the biggest market places for trance music. The style of trance party also has changed. It used to be leaded by foreign artists, but now is leaded by Japanese artists too. And finally, there was the Japanese stage appeared at EARTHCORE GLOBAL CARNIVAL, a big festival which was held in Australia last year. Japanese trance artists included who are on the abovementioned compilation album appeared on stage, did enthusiastic performances and heated up the festival. In proportion to the expanding trance scene in Japan, a lot of new artists appear in the scene.

This compilation album, "FAR EAST TECHNOLOGY", daringly features such blooming talents, and brand new projects by leading artists of Japanese trance, too. TRI-FORCE and DRAP DROP, both are also on "AFTER 10 YEARS OF JAPANESE TRANCE", joined on this compilation after they released their own albums. Both tracks express their great caliber! FUTURE SONIC is the new project by leading men of the scene, MITSUMOTO and ALI. Their magnificent morning full on trance track hits the floor and explodes! GOA GIL's favorite, SAVAGE SCREAM is the solo project by ex-BUG FUNK's MIZUKI. He is already known in foreign underground scenes, and joins on this compilation with a tune filled with his dark psychedelic style. A new comer, TEN-G is the project by TATS & YOZI. Recently, this abnormal duo is widely talked as the most aggressive live performer of Japanese trance; their twisted psychedelic trance must be listened! The opener of the compilation KUROMITSU is also one of the leading man of the Japanese trance scene. After he released the album under the name ZETA, he joined on this compilation with a track perfectly suits to the opening, sounds like rising full moon into the sky. PARADIGM SHIFTER is the side project by NOISE GUST, a brightest hope in the dark and psychedelic scene. Their aggressive incitation track is very hardcore! MACOTRAX is the trance project by DJ SALEM. His refreshing track runs through aggression till dawn. The closer of the album is 11 vs SYMPHONICS aka PHI, the collaboration of SHINNORAMA from PHI and JYUICHI. This severe shock track, was recorded in Goa India. This is a good track to express the essence of emotional full on trance! This compilation which introduces the latest Japanese trance to overseas will navigate you to the unknown trip. HAVE A NICE TRIP!!

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