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Various Artists - Fedx - Overnight Xpress

Various Artists - Fedx - Overnight Xpress
Typecompilation, CD


01 Reactive - The Dune
02 Sinewave - Sunshine
03 Ovnimoon - Mind Creation
04 Te-Tuna - Atmotrips (Live Remix)
05 Tryptamind - Ruby
06 Skyloops - Modern Stimulation
07 Predators - Thug
08 Virtual Light - Concentration Camp
09 Atma - Distorted Reality
10 Static Nation - One
11 Micro Scan - Trance System Burnz

Fed - X: Overnight Express ... Imagine you are the co-Pilot of an interstellar X press delivery trance-port with important destinations across the galaxy for an Overnight X press round trip. You embark from THE DUNE of a mysterious desert planet after taking your special dose of spice to allow you to navigate space. If your voyage is successful you will have reignited the SUNSHINE. Using your MIND CREATION to guide your ship's probability drive you manifest a safe ATMOTRIP through dangerous space time. Within the ship's power core lies a specially charged RUBY that allows you to jump dimensions with your MODERN STIMULATIONS smoothly accelerating to warp velocity. Now you are nearing your first delivery to the hard dancing THUG in charge. With skill and mastery you manage to safely deliver your package to the CONCENTRATION CAMP where you are encountering DISTORTED REALITY the ONE trains you and the new imitates to prepare your mind for the final TRANCE SYSTEM BUNRZ that will send us safely home. Its important to notice that your ships auto pilot is set to safely guide you home where you will soon be ready for another adventure on the intergalactic FED - X - OVER NIGHT X-PRESS. Doctor Spook pilots the way once again on another space voyage full of fresh new unreleased treats for your mind, body and soul. Oodles of Hits from well known master trance artists as well as a healthy Dose of new comers with surprisingly amazing new sounds from across the globe and beyond. Featuring 11 world class international psytrance masters of their art: Reactive (Russia), Sinewave (UK/Australia), Ovnimoon(Chile), Te-Tuna(France), Tryptamind aka Hux Flux vs Ibojima (Sweden), Skyloops (Argentina), Predators (Greece), Virtual Light (Canada), Atma (Romania), Static Nation (Israel), and Micro Scan (France).

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