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Various Artists - Five Tons Of Flax

Various Artists - Five Tons Of Flax
LabelMechanical Dragon
Typecompilation, CD

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Tecnotika - Five Tons Of Flax


01 Tecnotika - Mentalisten
02 Black Machine - Wrong Way
03 Epi Centrum - Epi Centrum
04 Kali Frogz - Agent Orange
05 Metalogic - Transit Flash 2004
06 Le S4b0t3ur - Sabotage
07 Trimada - Underworld
08 Gothica - Beats And Breaks
09 The Star Shrink Shooters - L.I.S.

9 Tech Trance tunes from all breeds of the Tech Trance beast. With artists from Canada, France, Israel, Sweden and Poland, a diverse look in at the techy side of psy trance is presented. A heavy bottom end with hypnotic percussion features through out this CD, these artists have thrown away the "generic" template and started anew. There is a track for each hour of the night, from Tecnotika's (AKA Intersys) early night opening track "Mentalisten", to the Star Shrink Shooter's (AKA Holeg and Sister B) L.I.S. giving us an alternative sunrise sound. This album rumbles through the night in a way that is not often explored: Too trancey to be techno, too techy to be straight psy, if you're after something different for the night, this album is for you.