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Various Artists - Flip It

Various Artists - Flip It
LabelFlip Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Rubi - Moon
02 I-Drop - Frielty
03 Vortec - Hipno
04 V-Storm - Unstables Structures
05 Nitro - Tech Sex
06 Chemical Drive - New Life
07 Power Control - Long Day
08 Rewind Evolution - Return To The Source
09 Vortec - Froog

Flip It is the brand new compilation from Flip Records. 9 previously unreleased tracks, passionately & carefully selected by label head Vortec.Flip Records is the birth child of legendary Israeli party promotion team Flip-Crew, run by Vortec.Flip-Crew has been active for the past years, producing lots of local underground events, featuring TOP Dj's & Artists from around the world.Flip-It CD, is the first chapter of the long planned Flip-It CD compilation series, Flip-It is loaded with 9 exclusive powerful dance floor hits, all successfully tested on dance floors worldwide.The style of this CD can be described as Intelligent psychedelic trance, enhanced with powerful delightful melodies. Or as we like to call it the fresh new sound of psytrance produced today.Flip It contains artists from the worldwide such as: I-Drop, Rewind Evolution, Nitro, V-Storm, Chemical Drive, along side, promising newcomers, such as: Power Control, Vortec, and Rubi.Flip It is a must CD for every psychedelic trance fan.

Various Artists - Flip It: Front