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Various Artists - Floating Mirror

Various Artists - Floating Mirror
LabelMoonloop Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Floating Mirror


01 Celles - Progression Session
02 Midimal - Shelby FX
03 Melodix vs Electrypnose - Melomix (Remix)
04 Electrypnose vs Troll Scientists - Hypnotized Scientists
05 Yab-yum - Hibidi Jibidi (Remix)
06 Gaspard - Carpe Diem
07 Ajja - Special Delivery
08 Yab-yum - Kung Fusion
09 Melodix - Miroir Flottant
10 Cradle Of Beats - The Promised Future

Moonloop Records' first various album, « Floating Mirror », will appeal to all eclectic psy lovers: it is a party soundtrack in itself.

Do you like the stomping progressive tracks that make your chest vibrate and your mouth smile? Here are two numbers by rising talents Midimal and Celles.

You like morning full-on vibe? Here is an epic collaboration between Electrypnose and Melodix, as well as Melodix's title track and Cradle of Beats' closing track.

You like it very psychedelic and nocturnal? Yab Yum, Gaspard, Ajja and Electrypnose will provide your nighttimes madness!

DJ Mercury Fall brings here some of the cream of the Swiss scene, guaranteed tested on willing delighted freaks! Building up from progressive to epic melodic and then full force into heavy psychedelia for all its central part, Floating Mirror finishes up with sunrise! DJ's will find here the right track for the right time for sure! Go with the flow and follow the loop to sonic psychedelic pleasures!

Mastered by Electrypnose.

Various Artists - Floating Mirror: Front