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Various Artists - Flying High

Various Artists - Flying High
LabelPukka Music
Typecompilation, CD


01 Ellis Vanghoul - In My Laboratory
02 Rinkadink - Marauder (M-Theory Remix)
03 Madnetic - Dreaming
04 Painkiller - Smokey Smoke Machines
05 Eskimo vs Vlado - Ave Summa That
06 Exodus - Let It Roll Ice Man
07 Ahara - Surfing The Kuxan Suum
08 Rumble Pack - Distorted Mind
09 Alternative Control - Softy

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pukka Music. If you don't know this label by now, then why not take this opportunity to acquaint yourselves with a refreshingly upbeat company that promises much for the future and is already delivering the global goods as you read Initiating blast off here is MR. Ellis Vanghoul, who has a penchant for producing psychedelic drugs in his 'Laboratory'.

Track 2 sees one of South Africa's foremost Psy Trance artists leading the way with 'Marauder' by Rinkadink and a brand new remix featured here by M-Theory. Following closely behind we have Madnetic who are 'Dreaming'perhaps of the perfect Painkiller (the following artist )which may (or may not) be supplied with their 'Smoky Smoke Machine'. Hot on his heels and blazing a fiery path straight to the centre of the trancefloor comes a really dynamic collaboration from the much applauded Eskimo (a.k.a Dj Junya) and our man Vlado who, as Eskimo Vs Dj Vlado, don't hold back in giving us a full powered psychedelic stomper with a very progressive edge and aptly titled 'Ave Summa that! we sure will, thanks very much!

Bringing up the rear is Exodus with his frenetic 'Let It Roll Ice Man'and he certainly does! Next in line is superbly produced piece of 'jiggery pokery' courtesy of new, up and coming Trance Act Ahara (the ancient Indian Sanskrit word meaning essentially: 'nourishment for the brain, body and bootsdancin' boots that is!)so get'em on and Fly High to the sounds of Aharawho are none other than our favourite friends at Pukka Vlado and Lim-Lim!

With this colourful tune you could 'Surf the Kuxan Suum' in a fluorescent balloon! Providing, in good time, a quite blissful contrast and a much needed breather (Phew!) chunky, funky Rumble Pack present their perception of a 'Distorted Mind' which really rocks, in a sophisticated, 'not in a hurry' kind of way! Back to the basslines with the finale.

Last but by no means least we are treated to a lithe and lively Alternativ Control who re set the dials with some beautifully arranged melodic structures and a delightfully warm feel for their gentle but pleasing 'Softy'. So there we are nine great artists, nine original and 'happening' tunes, nine ways to get down, get up, and get goingall thanks to the most psychedelically endowed and to be renowned Pukka Musicwatch this Space..