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Various Artists - Forest Frequencies

Various Artists - Forest Frequencies
LabelLost Theory Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Makadam - Sir Pickelhaupt The III
02 Purosurpo - Tree-Tale
03 Pandora's Box - Time Edge
04 Oneir Omani X - The Bipolar Magician
05 Megalopsy - Derrames
06 Alien Mental - A Time Of Lost
07 Oneir Omani X - Snowdrops
08 Scope - Focus
09 Polyphonia vs Zik - Are You Mad?
10 Furious - Onchemical In You Z

Label infos :
After years of organizing parties in Belgium, the organisations
Psylence, Lysergic Asylum and Pandemonium joined forces to
They aim at quality and not quantity. Their releases have to tell a
story, starting from forest sounds going to the more darker edge,
but the most important, the music needs to be psychedelic!
Sales notes:
Lost Theory Records is proud to present their first complilation
called "Forest Frequencies"
With this VA we want to bring you our view on todays psychedelic
music represented by well established artists as upcoming
We compiled this album keeping our own dancefloor experiences
in mind, starting with deep forest sounds with groovy basslines
and colored soundscapes, and evolves to hi-tech psychedelics to
give the story a proper ending.