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Various Artists - Freak The Tune

Various Artists - Freak The Tune
LabelBlue Tunes Recordings
Typecompilation, CD

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Earsugar - Freak The Tune


01 Midimal - Secrets Of Beauty
02 Dualnok - Wave Out
03 Earsugar - Womanizer (Quantize Remix)
04 Martin - Intoxicated
05 Infinity & Meander - Rollercoster
06 Liquid Soul - 6.15 Am (Jay Selway Remix)
07 Progenitor - Visions
08 Manuel Duego - Deception (Symphonix Remix)
09 Dream Donor - Dancing Knobs

Swiss Dj Martin collected the most freaky progressive tunes for the summer.

Tight productions, rummy sounds and first-class arrangement melt this package to a must have masterpiece. Martin's interesting in music has a wide range. His interpretation of progressive trance makes him to a unique dj and producer.

His sets are always very powerfull and in the same time also with a deep and hypnotic touch. Martin's first steps in producing was a collaboration with Tobias Wirz (Greed) and Andre Absolut and ended in a license to Kasey Taylor's label Vapour Recording.

Get it and get freaky.

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