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Various Artists - Free Spirit vol 1 - Brahmaputra

Various Artists - Free Spirit vol 1 - Brahmaputra
LabelFree Spirit Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Polaris - Free-Spirit Vol.1 - Brahmaputra


01 Polaris - Energy
02 X-Control - Dragonfly
03 Journey feat. Max Stellato - Spotless Mind
04 Ultravoice vs Tactic Mind - Mind Control Vol. 2
05 Tron - Evolution Revolution
06 Project Fm - Kickwave
07 M-Theory - Unrestored
08 Star Trip - Dollar
09 M-Klome - Bad Chemistry

Compiled by Jay OM. Nine tracks, from some of the hottest artists about. Polaris, Tron, X-Control (Perplex project with DJ Kido), Ultravoice & Tactic Mind, plus, up-and-coming London localities, M-Theory (Cimi & Monastic Squid), Journey feat. Max Stellato, Star~Trip and M-Klome. Brand-new tunes, specifically written, each one set to be a future-fave on dance-floors around the world, indoor and out.

Fledgling Psy-trance label Free-Spirit Records, coming straight out of London, presents it's inaugural release Free-Spirit Compilation Vol.1 - Brahmaputra, though the only Anglo-centric aspect of this collection, of new and exclusive tunes, is the label's UK base. Rather it has a distinctly multicultural zest thus mirroring today's international psy-scene.

Brahmaputra is compiled by dj and label manager Jay OM, he of the ever-increasingly popular London party Implosion fame (celebrating it's third birthday in September 2006), who's ever-friendly demeanour resulted in being able to attract , from a variety sources, a selection, all of which are original, purpose written and unavailable elsewhere. With each set to find favour on dance-floors worldwide, both in-door and out.

Contributing artists, some well known some not quite so, include French writer/producer Polaris, his composition Energy the perfect example of complexity of arrangement and crispness of sound, for which he's known. The collaboration between Israeli Ultravoice and Romanian counterpart Tactic Mind creates the no-nonsense, head-down, go-for-it, Mind Control Vol.2. There's Mexican born Tron, fast becoming one of the most sought after morning-djs around, whose Evolution Revolution manages to be both, hard hitting and melodic. X-Control is Perplex project with DJ Kido, both Israeli, teaming up to produce Dragonfly, hovering and floating, with sudden direction changes, just as the name envisages. Italian Londoner Marchello, well known around town after being resident dj at Fairy Tales and Chichime, with Rob "Monastic Squid" Nichols are M-Theory - their Unrestored, fat and funky underpinned by a morning melody. When Jay OM enters a studio he's transformed into Journey, and working with Max Stellato he gives us Spotless Mind which drives hard, with a stop, look up at the stars moment, before continuing onward. Max Stellato also is one half of Project FM, the other half being Fabrizio Motta. Their Kickwave rolls with an ever-accumulating energy that invigorates all those in it's vicinity. Star Trip is a Journey project with Evil Twins, a dirty grimy - Dollar, the consequence. M-Klome emerges from his laboratory with Bad Chemistry which, like Jekyll and Hyde, is constituted of good and evil in equal measure.

Each track with enough quality, as a self-contained piece of music, to stand-alone, put them together and Brahmaputra becomes a killer without remorse. Consider yourself warned.

Various Artists - Free Spirit vol 1 - Brahmaputra: Front