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Various Artists - Free Spirit vol 3 - Neophilia

Various Artists - Free Spirit vol 3 - Neophilia
LabelFree Spirit Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Polaris - Free-Spirit Volume 3 - Neophilia


01 Twenty Eight - Melao
02 Tron vs Journey - TJ Source
03 Polaris - Future
04 Star Trip - Sonic Acupuncture
05 Ital - Free Like The Earth
06 M-Theory - L6 Echo
07 Journey - Eternal Sunshine
08 M-Klome - Back In Time
09 Mental Broadcast vs Xpiral - Far Place

"Neophilia", is the 4th release from the Free-Spirit's headquarters. The latest offering, is an avid, invigorating collection of trance masterpieces ranging in moods from psychedelic to funky, from deep to full-on to sinister tech-trance composed by some of the hottest existing and highly anticipated upcoming trance minds out there today. From musical and mastering geniuses including Polaris, Tron, Journey, M-Theory and M-Klome and the upcoming talents Ital, Twenty Height, Mental Broadcast, Xpiral & Star~Trip, the music this label has to offer grabs you by the seat of your pants and forces you to wiggle, even when you thought you didn't have a wiggle left in you! Grab a copy of "Neophilia" today and see for yourself.... buckle up for a wild ride through the spectrum of the psychedelic trance wonderland!

Various Artists - Free Spirit vol 3 - Neophilia: Front