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Various Artists - Free Technodrome

Various Artists - Free Technodrome
LabelUltravision Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Free Technodrome


01 Silent Horror - 7 Gateways
02 Tryambaka - Soul Slaves
03 Demoniac Insomniac - Mental Recall
04 Mind Distortion System - Fruity Juice In A Submarine
05 Braindrop - The Goalien
06 BloodClot - Thugs In Kakhi
07 Phobos Azazel - Impossible Reality
08 Audiopathik - Freedom To Dance
09 Divine Stones vs Khaos Sektor - Dawn Of Nightmare
10 Mind Talkers - We Need Free Fast

This compilation is solely dedicated to raise funds for Technodrome - who has been arrested on false charges of trying to sell narcotics in India, Mumbai.

It has been 2 months since he's been behind bars with no evidence against him and the Mumbai Polices' procrastination with court hearings has legal fees hitting the rooftop.

It is my effort along with all the artists that have open heartedly donated their tracks to help an innocent man get out of jail and be sent home.

The track list may somewhat raise an eyebrow in comparison to the style of music Technodrome makes, but this compilation is aimed at transcending the different genres of Psytrance to a happier middle ground. Let the stomp begin for freedom!!!

Various Artists - Free Technodrome: Front