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Various Artists - French Plaisir

Various Artists - French Plaisir
LabelIono Music
Typecompilation, CD

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Ritmo - French Plaisir 2


01 Time In Motion - Magic Corner
02 Kularis - Uf7
03 Mute - Space N Time
04 Dualism vs Meeloo - Rest In Panic (Xahno Remix)
05 Davina - Special Sakaya
06 Cyklones - Find Your Own Reality
07 Midimal - Over And Out (Klopfgeister Remix)
08 Badbug - Beating Wood
09 Phaxe - Secret Effects

Just in time and right before the summer season will be in full swing, Iono is tempting you to the progressive trance floors of international open air gatherings.

Nobody less than French Iono DJ Drenan has picked nine quality tracks for you, each of them is provided with all necessary elements like deep and straight baselines combined with roaring open air sounds and atmospheric leads. DJ Drenan is an old stager in the global trance community. Starting his DJ career at the beginning of the new millennium, he has been playing his DJsets and live acts on all major Festivals like Voov Experience, Full Moon, Tsihtraka, N.o.m.a.d, Maitreya and many more. Together with his friend Sensifeel he is also producing his own special progressive style. Well known as 'Cyklones' they already released a very successful debut album at Milenium Records in 2006.

With his undisputable music taste and confident feeling to bring the right sound to the right time, he has collected some outstanding tracks from Iono artists like German trance-masters Klopfgeister, the fresh Danish trance project 'Time in Motion' or Swiss artist Badbug - to mention 2 of Iono's most hopeful artists of this year.

Next to those names Dj Drenan has chosen a track from Phaxe who already joins the Iono family since 2007 and had formidable responses for his tracks on Iono compilations like 'Blue Banquet' and 'Beat Generation'. Without any doubt, he is one of the acts to watch out for in the future.

Further more this compilation includes a track of Davina, who is better known as one part of the legendary duo Sirius Isness, presenting an extract of her upcoming album which is going to be released at Wreked Records, USA.

Last but not least you will also listen to a fresh productions made by Israeli MUTe who give you an idea of their upcoming, long awaited album, announced as one of Iono's top releases in 2008.

Various Artists - French Plaisir: Front