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Various Artists - Friendly Fiends

Various Artists - Friendly Fiends
LabelTremors Underground Productions
Typecompilation, CD


01 Demonizz - Manipulation
02 Datakult vs Neo Vox - Visions
03 Flipknot - Human Intelligence
04 Magma Ohm - Warp Travel
05 Polyphonia - Caballero Negro
06 Baphomet Engine - Fungunication
07 Polyphonia vs Kerosene Club vs Cannibal BBQ - Churrascaria
08 Cannibal BBQ vs Neo Vox - Freakmaster
09 Gorump Peyya - Prepare For Trip (Acid Goblins Remix)

Tremors Underground Productions strikes back after the blaster success - Shockwave Machine.

The label from Nowhere this time brings you the compilation 'Friendly Fiends' compiled by Dj Farah (Brazil). Brazilian dj Rafael Santos aka Farah has recently acquired great prestige amongst his peers, not only for mixing phat and straight-in-your-face sets, but also for being one of the brains behind the most acknowledged psychedelic party crew in Brazil.

The selection of artists and tracks found in this compilation was carefully baked to feed that hunger for real psychedelia, bringing together different insights about its essence, coming from France, Greece, India, Macedonia and Brazil. With this complex musical journey, Farah intends to showcase that such style of trance is not anyhow related to evil or mean things, when in fact, it truly helps the listener to better explore and understand its own self.

Get ready for a trip into the deeper grounds of your mind!

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