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Various Artists - Fullmoon Hunter

Various Artists - Fullmoon Hunter
LabelFullmoon Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Highko - Yellow Magnetic Star
02 Noise Gust - 8 Bit Flags
03 Damage - Getting Row
04 Limbogott - Cut Throat (Mental Flame Remix)
05 Highko vs Mondo - Sushi
06 Fullmoon Project - Full On The Moon
07 Dejun - Kekkou
08 Samadhi - Never Mind
09 Mondo - Hardcore Koh Phangan
10 Deben - Saori
11 Desperado - Menthol

The Samurai DJ sets out on a journey to look abroad for the fullmoonparties. A journey of fullmoon hunting throughout the world starts from Koh Phangan.

The 4th V/A "FULLMOON HUNTER" from Fullmoon Rec. was completed while on his journey. This compilation is full of tremendous speedy creations that come from Japan, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Israel and France. The compilation stars with HIGHKO, his powerful style is well-established, his newest track the"yellow magnetic star" is titled and inspired from his KIN of the Mayan Oracle. Next track is by one of the most important person of JP-psy scene, NOISE GUST, his worldtour will starts from Russia. Next is the track "Getting row" by South African funky roughneck the DAMAGE, BROKEN TOY collaborates with his guitar. MENTAL FLAME a.k.a. PARANOIZE remixes the "cut throat" by German hardcoreband, LIMBOGOTT. Spooky track makers MONDO and HIGHKO present their special work "SUSHI". "Full on the moon" was born in the Fullmoon studio, Osaka, by FULLMOONPROJECT as Fullmoon Japan-tour crew. A well known act of the French psy-trance scene DEJAN meets JUN the hope of the Japanese psy-trance scene with their latest creation "KEKKOU". Next is "Never mind" by the top artist of Russian dark-psy SAMADHI, created in Koh Phanghan. This compilation includes also creations by two promising newcomers, BEN and DESPERADO!

Various Artists - Fullmoon Hunter: Front