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Various Artists - Fungadelic Vibes

Various Artists - Fungadelic Vibes
LabelFungi Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - DJ Syco Presents: Fungadelic Vibes


01 Boogieman - Onphobia
02 DarkPsy - Fucking Reverb
03 Cerebral Noize - Nameless
04 Iron Madness - Suggestions
05 Concept - Concret Jungle
06 Znooble - Fungi Vibrations
07 Cosmonet - Cosmic Calendar
08 Stereo Connection - Happyness
09 Ajax - Zero Point 7

Fungadelic Vibes and Feelings!!! Thats the object of DJ SYCO and FUNGI RECORDS, with this compilation. It's powerfull and at the same time magical. With a touch of good psychedelic feeling and at the same time a great bassline, that will fill up your dancefloor with happy and fungadelic vibes. This compilation features our fungi crew and some good friends. Darkpsy, that just released his new album, the well knowned Israel artist, Iron Madness, that also has released is album this november, the french Concept with another brilliant prodution, Cosmonet with some high vibes directly from Brasil, Znooble, the promissing new commers on the fungi crew, Cerebral Noize, Boogieman, Stereo Connection and Ajax.