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Various Artists - Future Cuts

Various Artists - Future Cuts
LabelTimecode Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Artifakt - V/A Future Cuts


01 Twisted System - Psychopath
02 Concept & Scorb - Dissident Factions
03 Phyx - Kansas City Shuffle
04 Multistate - HQ Part II
05 Mantis - Blood Red
06 Xatrik & Kid X - Wildcard
07 Lost and Found - Scanner V 2.0
08 Outer Signal & B55 - Unstoppable
09 Hydraglyph - Cigarettes & Silver Bullets (Multistate Remix)
10 Artifakt - The Pole

Timecode are back with one of their most off the wall releases so far. Multistate have put together a various artist compilation 'Future Cuts' as a follow up to their debut album on Timecode last year, featuring Timecode regulars Twisted system, Phyx, Artifakt and Multistate plus new artists including Concept and Scorb, Mantis, Xatrik & Kid X, Lost & Found, and B55 and Outer Signal.

The compilation starts out with a huge atmospheric roller from Twisted System and then Concept & Scorb step things up with their dark grooved "Dissident Factions". Phyx's 'Kansas City Shuffle' gives you a bit of tech driven space before Multistate shifts up another gear with their massive HQ part II. From there it's a darker ride through Mantis' Blood Red and Xatrik's Wildcard, peaking with Lost and Founds tech driven 'Scanner V 2.0' and Outer Signal and B55's' Unstoppable'. At the end a little melody steps in with Multistate's RMX of Hydraglyph and Artifakt's "The Pole".

With their uniquely South African sound that characterizes Timecode enhanced with contributions from France, England, Israel, and Japan this truly is an internationally ripping offer from Multistate.

Various Artists - Future Cuts: Front