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Various Artists - Gaia-Tek 2

Various Artists - Gaia-Tek 2
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Gaia Tek, Vol. 2


01 Painkiller vs Toxic - Internet Addiction
02 Brainwash - Laser Show
03 Lost and Found - New Forms
04 Antipath - Lost
05 Brainwash - Please Do Not Disturb
06 Double R.E.L - Blender Bender
07 Neuromotor - Dance With The Motor
08 Sidhartha vs Alienn - Hypnotic Spell
09 Supercell - Malfunction
10 Akros - Progres

Integra TV are an ambient, experimental electronic duo comprising of Sean Gillespie and Marco Vannucci. Their sound can be characterised by their soft and flowing melodies, deeply inspired by classical music. This is infused with strong, broken glitch beats and various experimental guitar effects.

The band was formed in early 2007, and began as an experimental project. During this time the band set out to find their own unique sound, combining influence and inspiration of both band members. Since the beginning Integra TV has produced their music from the comforts of their ever refining, modest Glasgow based apartment set-up, which further helps the pair towards maturing their sound.

The duo played their first live show not long after forming. This event opened doors for the band, introducing them to the live scene of Glasgow, and provided many more live opportunities over the past year. Particular performances can be considered to be landmarks in their musical career thus far. These include:
• Supporting LA based artist Daedelus
• Playing alongside ambient electronic duo Yimino
• Appearing on the YourSound bandstand at the Hydro Connect festival 2008
• Supporting Indie-Electro-Pop band Decimals at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut

In 2008, Integra TV completed their debut album, A Morning Announcement', to be released on critically acclaimed Independent label Alex Tronic Records. ATR is the imprint of producer Paul Croan who signed the band after seeing them live at King Tuts in Glasgow .
A Morning Announcement is a limited edition digipack cd and will also be available as a download .

Various Artists - Gaia-Tek 2: Front